Stringer Tank Top 2303

Price : $39.95

► STRETCHABLE, OVERSIZE, SPLENDID - This micro-hole regular muscle tee is made from 100% cotton yarn. It has been developed to adapt to all kinds of bodybuilding, fitness, cardio, powerlifting and performance training and to take your motivation to the next level.

 FABRIC & COMFORTABLE - Thanks to its completely cotton and micro-porous structure, it allows your skin to breathe. It prevents heat loss in burning calories by preserving your body temperature. Cotton fabrics provide a much softer touch and comfort than polyester fabrics.

► CUT STYLE & FORM - This tank top is produced with a longer cut style than usual gym shirts. It is designed for your bodybuilding and cardio training with its cotton and porous fabric structure and comfortable style. With these features, it offers you freedom of movement and extra performance in your training. This tank top that look draped in thin body types will be regular in muscular or large body types.It adapts 100% to your body movements.

► RECOMMENDED - The model in the main image is 180 cm, 100 kg. The size which he used is XL. 

► It is suitable for machine washing. Max 30° C / 86 °F. Please wash it turn inside out. The tightly woven yarn weave design is resistant to washing. So enjoy for many years.

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