Men's Relax Fit Winter Sweatpants with Pockets

Price : $84.00

Big Sam 1035

  • 80% Cotton 20% Polyester, winter sweason sweatpants
  • With eslastic waisband and pockets.
  • Fabric & Comfortable : Feel comfortable in your workouts and daily activities with soft-textured, elastic casual pants. This pants is made with strong knit cotton threads and elastane threads that provide flexibility.
  • The model in the image is 180 cm, 100 kg. The size on it is L . 
  • Machine Wash, Max 30°C. Thanks to its cotton knit structure, your skin breathes. Thanks to its soft texture, it protects your skin's sensitivity. With its flexible fabric structure and sports cut, it provides unlimited freedom of movement in your activities and exercises. It hugs your body but does not stick. It helps you increase your performance by adapting to your body movements.
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