Men's Oversize Rag Top Gym T-shirt

Price : $79.95


Mens Oversize Rag Top Gym T-shirt Mens Oversize Rag Top Gym T-shirt Mens Oversize Rag Top Gym T-shirt Mens Oversize Rag Top Gym T-shirt

  • FLEXIBLE, BREATHABLE, DURABLE - This comfortable fit workout shirt is made for large and muscular body types. It appeals to the masses who like to dress comfortably and loose. It is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester content. 
  • FABRIC & COMFORTABLE - Thanks to its cotton content, it protects your skin's sensitivity, absorbs moisture and provides extra comfort. Polyester flexible threads add flexibility and ease of movement to the product. It has a breathable micro mesh fabric structure.
  • CUT STYLE & FORM - These workout t-shirts are wider to normal in size than our other style tops. It has a wide chest and arm cut. And the lower part has an oval appearance. This t-shirt, which will offer a regular appearance in muscular and large body types, will offer a loose and draped look in leaner and athletic body types.
  • SEASON - This t-shirt, which you can use in the gym for 4 seasons, is designed for use outside the gym in autumn and winter seasons.
  • RECOMMENDED - The model in the main image is 180 cm and 100 kg. The product size is L.
     It is suitable for machine washing. Max 30° C / 86 °F. Please wash it turn inside out. The tightly woven yarn weave design is resistant to washing. So enjoy for many years.


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