Baggy Bodybuilding Sweatpants

Price : $67.95

Big Sam 895

  •  STRETCHABLE, DURABLE, LIGHT - Feel comfortable in your workouts and daily activities with soft-textured, elastic fitness and casual pants. This pants is made with strong knit cotton threads and elastane threads that provide flexibility.
  •  FABRIC & COMFORTABLE - These extra comfortable lifestyle and workout pants are made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester yarn. Thanks to its cotton content, it preserves the sensitivity of your skin, absorbs moisture and provides extra comfort. Polyester flexible threads give flexibility and ease of movement to the product.
  •  CUT STYLE & FORM - These trousers are produced with a wider cut than normal trousers and sweatpants. It is produced for large and muscular body types with its wide leg and hip cut. Wide hip and leg cuts taper downwards. The trousers that look draped in thin body types will be regular in muscular or large body types. It is suitable for people with large body with its above normal dimensions.
  • RECOMMENDED - The model in the main image is 5.90 feet tall and weighs 220 lbs. The product size is L. Please check the 4rd image for detailed size chart.
  • It is suitable for machine washing. Max 30° C / 86 °F. Please wash it turn inside out. The tightly woven yarn weave design is resistant to washing. So enjoy for many years.
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