-Is it safe to do online shopping from ?

It is absolutely safe to do online shopping from

The information of the credit card you use during shopping, can not be tracked, registered or seen. The encrypted information, sent directly to the related bank’s system and the amount drops from your cards limit. The informations besides your credit card information ,shipping and membership information, are only used for billing process by authorised personnel. 

-How can i be sure that my information is kept confidential when i shop from ?

The information you use during shopping from (shipping, membership and 

credit card information) are stored in a highly technological and encrypted secure physical 

environment. Only authorized personnel can reach these information. We declare and commit that, 

we are not going to share any information of our members or of people who shop from , with any Corporation, foundation or juristic personality.

-What is SSL Certificate and what is it for?

SSL Certificate is a guarantor that allows your credit card information , which you use in payment 

pages, reach to the related bank’s system, encrypted and inaccesibly. Thanks to this structure, your credit card can not be possessed. But even if it possessed, because of the encryption, opposing party can only have a set of writing with meaningless characters. The sign of lock , which you can see at the bottom-right of the payment pages, tells you that that page is under protection of SSL Certificate. is using 128 Bit SSL Certificate technology.      

-Do i have to use CVC2 number while shopping?

CVC2 number, is the last 3 digits of the numeral located on the back of your credit card. Thanks to 

this number, that’s not written on the magnetic stirp of the card, even if your card number and 

expiration date is captured, CVC2 number will stay hidden and your card can not be used against 

your will. From the date of October 5,2001, the use of the CVC2 number in credit card shopping 

became mandatory. That’s why you have to use your CVC2 number while shopping.